Holomon’s dried sage leaves cannot be missing from any tea or spice rack.

Holomon sage

As soon as you pour sage tea, you are greeted by the intense, pleasant scent. The whole sage leaves can not only be drunk - they refine Greek-Mediterranean dishes and are an aromatic component of many spice mixtures. Our sage leaves are gluten-free, unsulphured, vegan, and with no added sugar or artificial additives.

Using Holomon Sage

Tea: For a classic sage tea, pour hot water over the sage leaves. If the slightly bitter aroma bothers you, simply stir a spoonful of honey into the sage tea. The pleasant hot infusion is also suitable for inhaling or gargling. Combined: sage tea is also compatible with other flavors. Combined with liquorice, ginger, lemongrass or eucalyptus, the sage tea is guaranteed not to be boring. Mediterranean: The dried sage can not only be drunk: the aromatic leaves also provide a special flavor in Mediterranean dishes and spice mixtures with rosemary, garlic or oregano.

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Hand-picked herbs that grow naturally in the open and untouched nature guarantee you a high-class taste intensity. {Herbs are nature’s gift to mankind and enrich and go far.} Our products come from the region around Taxiárchis, the mountainous region of Cholomondas, with an untouched nature that has an incredible wealth of natural plants and herbs to offer. With our products we promise you a high quality, which has been proven in laboratories and studies in Greece by regional specialists and award-winning botanists.

Facts about the HOLOMON - SAGE:
Packaging: carton box
Region: Greece / Macedonia / Halkidiki
Location: Halkidiki