With Holomon organic oregano you buy one of the most popular spices for many southern dishes

Holomon offers you organic oregano in absolute premium organic quality. Holomon has set itself the task of making special organic products from certified organic, hand-picked cultivation accessible to you. In doing so, Holomon always ensure that the power and energy of those products are preserved through quality-preserving processing. Both the processing of these BIO products and their packaging are lovingly handcrafted for quality reasons. Holomon's promise We guarantee the highest standards in cultivation and processing for our products, for consistently high quality. Premium Free from any artificial additives 100% natural Without preservatives without flavor enhancers gluten-free without yeast extracts without added salt no added sugar without the addition of lactose unirradiated unsulphured Vegan Ingredients 100% BIO oregano (from the Holomon mountains) cut from controlled organic cultivation. Consumption recommendation With the intense scent of Mediterranean cuisine, Holomon organic oregano is one of the most popular spices for many southern dishes. It is spicy and fresh with a slight sweetness and spiciness. With oregano, you can transform your dishes into a Mediterranean treat in no time at all. We recommend Holomon Oregano in tomato dishes, gyros, pizza and many delicious sauces. Our dried organic holomon oregano is completely natural and untreated. We do not use any flavor enhancers. Pizza: As a so-called pizza spice, oregano should not be missing on any pizza. It gives spice and a delicious taste of vacation and the south. The oregano is added to the tomato sauce or sprinkled over the pizza at the end. Oregano tastes particularly intense if it is not cooked or baked for too long. Dips: Dried oregano is deliciously flavorful, even spicier than the fresh oregano leaves, and is great for finishing off quark dips or marinades. To do this, it is best to let the oregano soak in a little water for a short time so that it develops its full aroma, and then mix it with quark and cream cheese to make a dip or with oil and other herbs to make a delicious marinade. Salads: With its Mediterranean aroma, oregano is particularly delicious in fresh Greek salads. Either as a dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs such as basil or sprinkled directly on the salad, oregano is wonderfully aromatic. Also goes very well with tomato salads, caprese or bruschetta. storage Store dry and protected from light. Packaging We offer our products in the packaging unit of 40g. Depending on the product volume, we use resealable freshness bags. Their use allows the valuable active ingredients and aromas of our products to be preserved over the long term. Our hint A healthy optimization of the lifestyle through a balanced and varied diet is always of fundamental importance.

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Hand-picked herbs that grow naturally in the open and untouched nature guarantee you a high-class taste intensity. {Herbs are nature’s gift to mankind and enrich and go far.} Our products come from the region around Taxiárchis, the mountainous region of Cholomondas, with an untouched nature that has an incredible wealth of natural plants and herbs to offer. With our products we promise you a high quality, which has been proven in laboratories and studies in Greece by regional specialists and award-winning botanists.

Facts about the HOLOMON - OREGANO:
Packaging: paper box
Region: Greece / Macedonia / Halkidiki
Location: Halkidiki