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Bio “Melanda” Honey Cocoa Hazelnut Passion Honey 350 gr



How Greek honey is made – a culinary revelation

Since the quality and quantity of honey are determined by geographic, seasonal and botanical factors, these are optimal conditions for the best honey from Greece. This Greek honey comes from the blossoms of healthy chestnut trees with magnificent treetops, which the bees love to help themselves to. The promise of quality also applies here: Only pure Greek honey with no added sugar! Honey – the natural product


Hazelnut, honey and cocoa One of PassionHoney's most important and well-known products is Melenda. It is a combination of hazelnut, honey and cocoa. In particular, it contains organic hazelnut paste (spread) with over 60% organic honey and excellent quality cocoa. Gluten-free and lactose-free, with no added sugar, fat, coloring or preservatives. The main goal was to create a pure product that would be loved by young and old and would make a potentially excellent breakfast or snack for all hours and provide the energy they need! Melenda = (gluten free // no added sugar // fasting // lactose free)

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Taste / Impressions

Organic “Melanda” Honey Cocoa Hazelnut PassionHoney 350 gr
Serving suggestions:

High quality honey which is best added to salads or spreads.

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A special treat is our honey

Are you looking for a special taste, something out of the ordinary? Then our pure and high-quality honey is exactly what you need! The quality {and quantity} of a honey depends on botanical and geographical factors {as well as the season}. Our honey is always produced under optimal conditions in Greece. A special treat is our honey from the blossoms of healthy chestnut trees with magnificent treetops or our cotton honey – an unexpected delicacy with many useful properties and no added sugar.

Facts about honey:
Packaging: Glass bottle
Weight: 350 gr
Region: Greece / Macedonia / Halkidiki
Location: Halkidiki