PassionHoney is a Greek family company, the nature and the quality of life

Holomonta's 212,480 hectares of nature reserve according to NATURA 2000

PassionHoney was inspired by the beauty of nature

Holomontas and in particular Taxiarchis are well-known mountainous regions. Fir honey can be recognized by its distinctive pearlescent hues and dark (brown) color.
This type of honey tastes exceptionally good without being too sweet while not crystallizing because it is very viscous and has a low percentage of sugar. It is also rich in nutrients, antioxidants and has an antibacterial effect. It is one of the best and most expensive categories of honey because it is produced in small quantities and not every year.

PassionHoney was inspired by the beauty of nature

Extraordinary and something special

The gods were fed with nectar

We recommend new products such as Melenda, honey with cocoa or nuts, propolis in oil and oximeli according to the traditional recipe of the ancient Greeks.
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PassionHoney products

Here you will find special features! Organic honey with superfood Oxymeli: honey vinegar, perfect for a successful salad Melanda: honey with cocoa and hazelnut There is something special for everyone here!


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