Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Toleri's family business.

The olive oil of our life

Liocladi is a family business founded in 1997 in the Halkidiki region, where the adjacent olive groves are renowned for the quality of their fruit. This private establishment has its own olive mill as well as an olive oil press.
Strict quality controls HACCP 9000 & ISO 22000 guarantee a high quality in accordance with all specifications and international regulations.

The olive oil of our life

Extra virgin olive oil "LIOKLADI" is a cold-pressed olive oil

Agoureleo - early harvest olive oil

According to studies, olive oil is nutritionally rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin E. It differs from extra virgin olive oil for the additional quality index and rare organoleptic components. Considered one of the best olive oils in the Mediterranean, it is characterized by its fruity taste, delicate aroma and golden-green color.
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