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We are a small family with the preference to live well and healthy!

Directly to the manufacturers and producers who come from the regional area of Chalkidiki.

From family businesses to well-known well-known sizes, we offer selected niche products on our online platform.
High-quality, unique products made from loving, traditional manufacturing processes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Directly to the manufacturers and producers who come from the regional area of Chalkidiki.

Enjoy quality of life with your senses of taste

Our personal experiences with Greek hospitality, nature and cuisine have captivated us and let us enjoy it. We would like to give you all the added value of these circumstances and reveal them here on our platform.

  • What is Neo Emporio
  • Our relationship with Greece
  • Recognition values
  • Our concept

What is Neo Emporio

We offer a unique range of groceries, oils, olives, honey, herbal teas and other products. A high-quality collection of products from a wide range of selected suppliers, from pure organic products to delicious home recipes and unique herbs, from untouched regions of the sunny region, which include the Mediterranean sea climate.

We have put together a series of manufacturers and producers of well-known and unique products for you. Enjoy quality of life with your sense of taste. Taste the sun-ripened herbs, olives, the high-quality extra virgin olive oil and the nectar of the bees, which not only sweeten our everyday lives. Many other special products, which are unique in the maritime climate of this region.

Our relationship with Greece

We got to know Greece primarily through the travel agency and the holiday as a country with a beautiful sea, lots of sunshine and great nature. Our first visit was unforgettable! We were guests at the hotel with our two boys, then four and six years old. Not only did we make many new friends there, but much more!

We were warmly welcomed by the waiters, chefs, receptionists, hotel managers and childcare workers and were able to build up a great, respectful and friendly relationship that has remained unchanged to this day and extends far beyond services. Valuable friendships were formed and ubiquitous encounters became real added value, a feeling of happiness that could best be described as quality of life.
Sunny weather, warm and clear sea water, culinary cuisine exactly to our liking and a fabulous culture and hospitality made it very difficult for us to say goodbye to our first family holiday in Greece.

But one thing was certain: we wanted to continue our next holiday right here! And that hasn’t changed to this day!

Recognition values

Products from the sunny region which are clearly and uniquely reflected in the taste.

Our concept

is based on the linking of the regions and the added value through mediation directly to your home.

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